A. Q. Browns

1849                228 Washington Street, Boston, Massachusetts.

A. Q. Browns was recorded in one advertisement that ran from November 25 to December 3, 1849 in the New York Herald (New York, New York).  Fine Arts.—To All Professional Daguerreotypers and Amateurs of the Photographic Art throughout the United States.—The subscribers, owners of Talbot’s United States Patent for taking pictures on paper, by aide of the Camera Obscura, considering that it is more consonant with the spirit of the age and the free institutions of this country, to give access to a valuable invention to every one who desires it, have concluded to dispose of this Patent Right, together with their valuable improvements, in individual licenses, at the trifling sum of thirty dollars for each of the first two hundred licenses, and fifty dollars for each subsequent one.  For this sum every purchaser receives license to exercise the art throughout the United States, with the exception of the States of Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Texas, for which States the exclusive right has been sold previous to this arrangement; a copy of the original patent and a printed pamphlet containing a full, clear, and minute description of the process, as improved by the scribers.  For further particulars, apply to the subscribers or their agents, post paid, who will send by return of mail a full prospectus of all the conditions.  W. & F. Langenheim, Exchange, Philadelphia.  Agent—E. White, 24 Broadway[1], New York City.

A. Q. Browns, 228 Washington Street, Boston.

Hale & Co., Boston.

Eastern Patent Agency, Boston.

W. A. Wisong, Baltimore

W. A. Pratt, Richmond, Va.

John C. Simons, King st., Charleston, S. C.

Peter Smith, Cincinnati, O.

Messrs. Long, St. Louis, Mo.

D. McDonnell, Buffalo, N. Y.

A. Q. Browns is not recorded in other photographic directories.  There were a number of daguerreotypist/photographers who were recorded at 228 Washington Street, Boston most notably in 1849-1850 was Richard Plumbe, brother to John Plumbe, Jr. in 1850-1851 Bates & Guilford who were recorded as running Plumbe’s Daguerreian Gallery.

[1] Possibly a typo for 247 Broadway

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