A. G. Bisbee

1858-1859       Allen’s Block, Ravenna, Ohio.

A. G. Bisbee was recorded in one advertisement that ran from September 30, 1858 to March 24, 1859  The Weekly Portage Sentinel (Ravenna, Ohio).  Bisbee’s “Gallery Of Art,” You can get a good Ambrotype or Melainotype likeness for 25 Cents, and upwards.  The finer Styles of cases, which are usually sold at from $1.50 to $4.00, we sell at 75 cents to $2.50.

People From The Country will save time by coming as early in the day as possible, for our rooms are always full in the afternoon, and customers are often obliged to wait some time for their turn, as we adhere to the rule of “First come, first served.”

We warrant our work to be as perfect, in every respect, as any made in this section at double the price.

Good Pictures Made In All Kinds Of Weather.

Rooms in Allen’s Block, nearly opposite east end of Phoenix.  A. G. Bisbee.  Ravenna,

A. G. Bisbee is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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