C. N. Zeigler

1859                Location Unknown, [Ohio.]

C. N. Zeigler was recorded in one announcement in The Cadiz Democratic Sentinel (Cadiz, Ohio) on October 26, 1859.  Report of the Awarding Committees of the Harrison County Agricultural Society, Held at Cadiz on the 5th, 6th and 7th days of October, A. D. 1859…..


1st premium.  C. N. Zeigler……..2.00

2d premium.  Henry C. Davis……1.00


1st premium.  Henry C. Davis……2.00

2d premium.  C. N. Zeigler………1.00

Excelsior Painting, or Painted Photographs

1st Premium.  C. N. Zeigler……….2.00.

C. N. Zeigler is not recorded in other photographic directories.  It is possible that he was active in Cadiz, Ohio, but since this was a county fair he could have been active anywhere in the county or elsewhere. Additional research is needed.

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