John G. Wolf

1840                86 Nassau Street, New York, New York.

1840                40½ Chatham Street, New York, New York.

1841                23 Chambers Street, New York, New York.

1844                90 Nassau Street, New York, New York.

John G. Wolf was recorded in three advertisements and an entry from the residence section of New York City Directory.  The first advertisement ran from February 22 to 25, 1840  in The Evening Post (New York, New York.)  Daguerreotype.  In reply to the many advertisements

for the construction and sale of the Apparatus for the Daguerreotype.  I wish to make this public announcement, that besides the Optical part, I construct the whole of the apparatus, and furnish single or double glasses,[and] that, to my knowledge, all glasses hitherto used for this purpose in this country have been supplied by me.  I offer to every one who wishes to make a progress in the art to suit their several wishes, and explain the effects of different modifications of the lenses; and take the liberty to call upon all the scientific gentlemen who have until now practiced this art in New York, who have used my glasses, to testify their satisfaction to their friends of my workmanship.  W. G. Wolf, Optician, 86 Nassau st.

The second advertisement appeared in the Evening Star (New York, New York) on July 6, 1840.

Daguerreotype Likenesses.  Mr. Y. G. Wolp (sic.) takes pleasure in announcing to the public, that he will take Photogenic, or Daguerreotype Likenesses in the course of a week.  He feels confident in asserting from his many recent experiments, that he will be able to practice them in a much shorter time, and far superior to any that has yet been taken.  Residence, 40½ Chatham street.

John G. Wolf, daguerreotype 23 Chambers was recorded from the 1841/1842 New York City Directory.  (New York, New York.) 

The third advertisement appeared in The New York Herald (New York, New York) and ran from June 4 to 6, 1844.  Daguerreotype Cameras. J. G. Wolf, Optician, No. 90 Nassau street, up stairs, informs the Public that he manufactures a new kind of Daguerreotype Apparatus; for taking large and small Portraits, with one instrument.  It is far superior than any Camera before in use.

N. B. Lenses for daguerreotype and Telescopes; Achromatic and Single, also Priams, Microscopes and Spectacle Glasses, of Glass or Crystal, warranted correct, ground and polished, by J. G. W.                                                                                                                                  

John G. Wolf is recorded in other directories and other sources.

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