O. F. Steadman

1856                Allen’s Block, over Baird’s Jewelry Store, Ravenna, Ohio.

1859                Address Unknown, Ravenna, Ohio.

1859                Address Unknown, Freedom, Ohio.

O. F. Stedman was recorded in five announcements and five advertisements.  The first three announcements and the five advertisements were recorded in The Weekly Portage Sentinel  (Ravenna, Ohio) the last two announcements were recorded in The Portage County Democrat  (Ravenna, Ohio).  The first announcement appeared on March 6.  Good Pictures.  Messrs. Stedman  Co. have just taken possession of their rooms in Allen’s Block, where they are ready to wait upon their friends.  They will take good pictures and at reasonable prices.  Those who desire to “secure the Shadow e’er the substance fade” should call.  See advertisement.

The first advertisement ran from March 6 to June 12, 1856.  A Card.  The subscribers having purchased the Daguerrean establishment of J. W. Wykes & Co., respectfully announce that they are prepared, to execute Ambrotypes and Daguerrean likenesses in the latest style of art, at the old stand over R. A. Barid & Co’s. Jewelry Store, Allen’s Block, Ravenna, Ohio.

Having had several years experience in Daguerreotyping, and possessing the latest and most approved process for taking Ambrotypes, they flatter themselves, that they can produce as good pictures as can be obtained at any room in this section of the country.  Particular attention paid to taking the likenesses of children.  A share of public patronage is respectfully solicited.  O. F. Stedman & Co,  Ravenna.

The second announcement appeared on August 21, 1856.  Pictures.—Those who desire to obtain valuable and correct likenesses of themselves or their friends, should call at the Ambrotype rooms of Staffer & Stedman in Allen’s Block.  See Advertisement.

The second advertisement ran from August 21 to December 11, 1856.  Ambrotypes!  Ambrotypes taken by Staffer & Stedman, at their Rooms over Baird’s Jewelry Store, Allen’s Block, Ravenna, O., for seventy-Five Cents, where every variety of likenesses can be obtained.  Ambrotypes inserted in breast pins and lockets.  Whole size likenesses for $5 and $6—former price $10 and $12.  Particular attention paid to taking the likenesses of children.  Having a large sky and side light, impressions taken in from three to five seconds.  Our likenesses are all positive and not reversed. All work warranted.  Likenesses taken either in clear or cloudy weather. 

The third advertisement ran from September 4 to December 11, 1856.  Something New.—Staffer & Stedman are now taking Ambrotypes on Paper.  The finest articles in the picture line to send by mail, as it cost no extra postage.

The third announcement appeared on September 25, 1856.  Portage Co. Agricultural Society.  At the Portage County Agricultural Fair, held September 17th and 18th, 1856, premiums were awarded as follows…On Miscellaneous Manufactured Art… 

L. V. Staffer & Co., Best specimen daguerreotype pictures,  dip.   

The fourth advertisement ran from October 16 to December 4, 1856.  Premium Ambrotypes and Daguerreotypes.  L. V. Staffer  Co., respectfully invite the public to call at their rooms over Baird’s Jewelry, Allen’s Block, Ravenna, and examine their specimens upon which they received the first premium at the last county fair.  We offer the following reasons why we can produce better pictures than can be obtained elsewhere in this county.  We have the largest and most powerful camera in this section of the state.  Our light is so arranged as not only to give a life like expression to the features, but also drapery of the utmost beauty and richness.  (The want of which is a great fault in the work of some operators.)  We use the genuine chemicals, regardless of expense, and having had ten years experience in the art we know that we can produce better results than the mere tyro of a few months practice.  Those wishing good pictures of themselves or friends will find it to their advantage to call at our rooms and be convinced that this is the place to get a perfect likeness.  Prices as low as in any rooms of good repute in Northern Ohio. Children’s likenesses taken in one or two seconds.  We seldom fail to get a good likeness of the most restless.

Daguerreotypes.—As there are some who still prefer this style, we would say that we are at all times prepared to take them.

Caution.—The public are cautioned against Ambrotypes backed up with black paint or varnished, as the backing will crack eventually and the picture become worthless.  All good operators have discarded this process, we have not used it for many months and all persons having pictures put up by us in that way, are invited to call and when they become cracked and have them made good.  Such pictures can be known by their having a glass over the matting, the position of the setter being reversed, and having a dull appearances at arms length,.

Remember the place, over Baird’s Jewelry Store.  Oct., 16, 1856.  L. V. Staffer  Co.

The fifth advertisement ran from March 31 to July 21, 1859.  People’s Gallery.  At the old stand of L. V. Staffer & Co., nearly opposite the east end of Phoenix Block, Ravenna, Ohio.

Superb Ambrotypes, Photographs And Melainotypes, 50 Per Cent Less Than Elsewhere.

Persons in want of pictures of any style will find it much to their interest to call at this Gallery before purchasing elsewhere.  No time will be spent in unprofitable “gassing” but all are invited to come and judge for themselves as to the quality of the work with the assurance that no pains will be spared, to make the best picture possible for every customer, and no one will be expected to take work away unless perfectly suited.  O. F. Stedman.  Ravenna, March 31, 1850.

The fourth and fifth announcements appeared in The Portage County Democrat (Ravenna, Ohio) on April 27, 1859.  Look Out For Him!—We are informed that our fellow townsman and artist, Stedman, of the People’s Gallery’ in this place, intends visiting the citizens of Freedom this week, with a car, for the purpose of taking off their faces.  Those in want of good pictures will do well to give him a call.  His Gallery here, during his absence, will be in charge of his brother.

The fifth announcement appeared on May 18, 1859.  Home Again.—O. F. Steadman, of the ‘People’s Gallery,’ will be at home next week ready to wait personally upon those in want of pictures.  Good work and low prices is his motto.  Those interested can make a note of it.’

O. F. Steadman is recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Ravenna, Ohio in 1859-1860.

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