H. A. Smith

1855-1856       Rooms in the Buckeye Hall Buildings, Opposite the Post Office, Fremont, Ohio.

H. A. Smith was recorded in five advertisements in the Fremont Journal (Fremont, Ohio).  The first advertisement ran from December 7 to 21, 1855.  Fremont Picture Gallery.  H. A. Smith, Daguerreotypist, Respectfully informs the citizens of Fremont, and vicinity, that he has opened a suit of rooms, in the building known as the “Buckeye Hall Building, nearly, ” opposite Messrs. S. Buckland & Co.’s Drug Store, where intends operating in the Daguerreian and Ambrotype Business.  He has a fine Sky-Light, together with a large Side-Light, fitted in expressly for his own benefit, and under his own directions.  You will find them just suited for the purpose designed.

Pictures taken in Rainy or Cloudy Weather as well as in Clear.  Children’s Pictures taken in Clear Weather in two seconds.  Patrons may rest assured of getting Perfect Miniatures.

His charges will be reasonable.

To the Aged—to those in Middle Life—to the Young—All, now have an opportunity of obtaining “Choice Lights of Remembrance,” to gladden the future, and more especially so, should Death remove the beloved ones from sight.  His services can be had at any time by those wishing to obtain Likenesses of Deceased or Sick persons.

Hours for Children, from 9 A. M., to 2 P. M., Clear weather.  Rooms Adjoining Dr. Parker’s Dental Office, and directly opposite Roberts & Sheldon’s Hardware store.  H. A. Smith.  Fremont, Ohio.

N. B.—Instruction given in Daguerreotyping, Ambrotyping, Pencil Drawing and Oil Painting.  H. A. S.                                                                          

The second advertisement ran from December 28, 1855 to March 28, 1856.  Good News!  Smith, the new Daguerreian, is now taking those fine Ambrotypes, of which, “you read of.”  They are just The thing—they combine durability with beauty, distinctness with softness of tone, and the color of life without the aid of the painter, they can be seen through the glass and are not reversed, like the daguerreotype.

You can see them in any light.  They are free from the polish of the silver plate, and Cannot Be Defaced.  They are impervious to water, air or acid, and will last for Ages Unimpaired.

You are invited to call and look at them, at the New Gallery in Buckeye Hall Building. H. A. Smith.   

The third advertisement appeared on  January 25, 1856.  Only Fifty Cents!!  You can get at the New Gallery opposite the Post Office, Fremont, a good Daguerreotype Likeness, for Fifty Cents! or a fine Ambrotype, one that is beautiful and life-like, and imperishable, for One Dollar.  Call early, as the Artist’s stay in town is limited to a few weeks.  Now is the time to get Good Pictures, and no mistake.  Children’s pictures taken in two seconds.  Copying neatly executed.  Hours for children, from 9 a. m. to 2 p. m., clear weather.  Adults pictures taken in any weather.  All work Warranted good, or no charge.  Oil Paintings, and fine French Engravings, beautifully framed, for sale.  H. A. Smith.

The fourth advertisement appeared on February 22, 1856.  Only Ten Days!  Pictures On Glass For One Dollar!!  Don’t forget the place.  Rooms in “Buckeye Hall Building,” opposite the Post Office, Fremont.  The Rooms will be closed the first of March.  The Artist leaves for Fostoria (or Rome) in a few days.

“First come, first served.  H. A. Smith, Artist.  Fremont, Ohio, February 22d, 1856.

The fifth advertisement appeared on April 18, 1856.  Fremont Picture Gallery.  I. B. Sharp, successor to H. A. Smith, respectfully informs the citizens of Fremont and vicinity, that he is still taking those Ambrotypes in the Rooms formerly occupied by Mr. Smith.  Pictures taken in Rainy or Cloudy weather as well as Clear.  Children’s Pictures taken in clear weather in two seconds!  Patrons may rest assured of getting perfect miniatures. 

Instructions given in Ambrotyping.  Terms, reasonable.  Rooms in Buckeye Buildings, opposite the Post Office.                                                                                               

H. A. Smith is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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