C. Sibley

1852                On the Common, Barre, Massachusetts.

C. Sibley of the partnership Mason & Sibley was recorded in one advertisement that appeared on  July 30, 1852 in the Barre Gazette (Barre, Massachusetts).  Daguerreotypes.  Messrs. Mason & Sibley Are Now In Town, with their, Mammoth Traveling Daguerreian Saloon.  The largest Ever Built, and on the principle of the Best City Rooms, with one Large Sky, and 2 Large Side Lights, which can be so arranged as to produce any kind of shade desirable.

We would invite the citizens of Barre, and vicinity, to give us a call, whether they wish to sit for a picture or not.  Pictures put up of every size and style.

Pictures of the Sick or Deceased, taken at their Residence at all times, by giving short notice.

We keep posted up in all the Improvements of the Art from Europe and this Country, Let The Cost Be What It May.

Cloudy weather preferable, except for Children.

Any one wishing to learn the Art, are requested to call at the National, and make inquiries.

Stock and Apparatus furnished to Pupils at the Wholesale Prices.

The Daguerreian Saloon is stationed on the Common.  J. L. Mason, C. Sibley, Proprietors and Artists.  Barre, July 16, 1852.

C. Sibley is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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