Amzi Shoemaker

1854                Rooms in the Exchange Block, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.

Amzi Shoemaker was recorded in one announcement and one advertisement in The Star of the North (Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania).  The announcement appeared on March 2, 1854.  If you want a good daguerreotype to give to a valued friend, go to Mr. Shoemaker’s gallery in the Exchange block, and see how good looking you are.

The advertisement ran from March 2 to June 15, 1854.  Amzi Shoemaker, Daguerrian Artist Announces to the citizens of Bloomsburg and vicinity, that he has opened a Daguerreian Gallery in the Exchange Block, over Cleaver & Pursel’s Store, where he is prepared to take good and true likenesses in the highest style of the art.  Those who wish a lasting memorial of their friends that may too soon leave them, or who wish to make the most valuable of presents to a true friend or relative should call and secure a good likeness.

Amzi Shoemaker is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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