A. B. Schermerhorn

1848                Carey’s Building, Brooklyn, New York.

A. B. Schermerhorn was recorded in one announcement in The Brooklyn Daily Eagle and Kings County Democrat (Brooklyn, New York).  The Doings Of A Night.  Awful conflagration—two hundred dwellings and stores destroyed—three churches burned—immense destruction of property.

The calamity which has fallen on our city is so sudden, so wide spread and so deeply afflicting that we know not how to begin the record of its fearful events.  On Saturday night our citizens retired to their beds without apprehension of danger, without a thought that the destroying angel had stretched forth his arm over our devoted city.  But when the sun arose on Sunday Morning he looked through the chambers of the east on such a scene of devastation as never spread itself open to his eyes in the annals of this young city.  In the brief space of six hours the devouring flame had swept over eight entire blocks in the densest portion of our city, consuming about two hundred buildings and turning into the streets, from their warm beds, probably not less than four hundred persons. As near as we are now able to arrive at the facts the amount of property destroyed may be worth nearly a million dollars……..

138 Fulton Street.  John C. Smith, Lawyer; Charles J. Lowry, Lawyer; Sam H. Cownwell, Copyist; William H. Franklin, Daguerreotypist; L. Hjousberry, piano fortes; John Rolf, lawyer and city surveyor; Cyrus P. Smith, lawyer.

Carey’s Buildings.  S. Adams, drugs; M. Nevin, books; Silas Ludlam, city survear; G. King, Architect; H. A. Moore, attorney; W. C. Halsey, portrait painter; McDevett, portrait painter; U O of Am. Mechanics; Brooklyn Freeman; Schermerhorn, daguerreotypes; Brooklyn Star.

An A. B. Schermerhorn is listed in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry without activity dates or address.

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