John H. Ryder

1859                            Merchants’ Bank Building, Cleveland, Ohio.

John H. Ryder was recorded in one advertisement and one announcement in The Ashland Union (Ashland, Ohio). The advertisement ran from March 2 to November 2, 1859.  Ryder’s Premium Photographic Gallery of Art.  Merchants’ Bank Building, Cleveland, O.  The best Oil-painting Photographs in Ohio, are executed at this establishment.

Persons having old Daguerreotypes of lost or absent friends, which they wish to put in more permanent and effective shape, can have them copied in Photograph, to the size of life and painted in oil equal to portraits from life.

Allen Smith, Jr., paints for no other Photographist in this city.                                                          All the various styles of small pictures taken in a superior manner.

The announcement appeared on May 18, 1859.  Ryder, of Cleveland, the celebrated Photographist, advertises in our paper this week.  A great fellow is that Ryder to make himself know.  When we lived in the State of New York, his name became perfectly familiar to us, though he was located in a city much further off than Cleveland is from Norwalk.  And it was all on account of his thorough knowledge of the picture business and enterprise in advertising.  Those who desire a life-like representation of themselves, done up by a master in the Photographic art, should be sure to pay Rider’s Gallery a visit the first time they go to Cleveland.  We’ll warrant them satisfaction.—Norwalk Experiment.

We had that satisfaction ourselves a few days since.  Mr. Ryder exhibited to us some as fine specimens of the art as we have ever seen in any city in the Union.  Those who visit Cleveland and neglect to call at Ryder’s Rooms, lose a sight of one of the most attractive places in the city.

John H. Ryder is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Cleveland in 1857-1858.  Ohio Photographers 1839 -1900 list him as being active in Cleveland 1857-1858; and from 1860-1898.

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