Mr. Russell

1851                Address Unknown, Ebensburg, Pennsylvania.

Mr. Russell was recorded in one announcement in The Mountain Sentinel (Ebensburg, Pennsylvania) on August 21, 1853.  Mr. Russell, the Daguerreotypist, has done more than the Mexicans could do.  He has taken the “Cambria Guards,” not by surprise, but with their eyes open, in broad daylight—a daguerreotype of the whole company.  He took on the street opposite to Mr. C. Litzinger’s house, and a glance at the picture shows you all the officers and men, the “ear piercing fife” in the fifer’s hand, the “spirit stirring drum,” the house, with tree in front, and several bystanders, and is quite an excellent daguerreotype.  Mr. Russell is still here ready and willing to take the likenesses of those who may call upon him.

Mr. Russell is not listed in other photographic directories.

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