J.  M. McPherson

1857-1859       Corner of Church and College Streets, Burlington, Vermont.

J.  M. McPherson was recorded in two advertisements in the Burlington Free Press (Burlington, Vermont).  The first advertisement ran from August 7 to November 20, 1857.  Ambrotype and Photograph Gallery Corner of Church and College Streets, Burlington, Vermont.  The subscribers would respectfully invite the attention of the public to their new and never changing pictures that they are now making at their rooms.  These pictures are acknowledged by all to be far superior to any others of the art.  Pictures taken equally as well in cloudy as in clear weather.  Children taken of any age.  Copies taken from Daguerreotypes, Photographs, &c., and enlarged.  Pictures of invalids or deceased persons taken at their residences.  Instructions given in the art.  J. M. McPherson & Co.

The second advertisement ran from October 23, 1857 to May 20, 1859.  Ambrotypes & Photographs The Finest And Most Durable Pictures are the Ambrotypes and Photographs.  Ambrotypes put up with a black stained glass are the only glass pictures that can be relied upon not to change.  There is no Black Varnish crack in cold weather, or Balsam to blister with the heat as in all other glass pictures.  The Photograph is superior to any other pictures.  The Photograph is superior to any other picture made on paper.  For proof please call at McPherson’s Gallery, corner of Church and College streets, Burlington, Vt.  J. M. McPherson.

J. M. McPherson is listed in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Burlington, Vermont in 1858 and 1859.

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