M. E. Lockwood

1856-1857       145 Eighth Avenue, New York, New York.

M. E. Lockwood was recorded in four advertisements that appeared in The New York Herald (New York, New York). The first advertisement ran on April 28, 1856.  Extra Large Ambrotypes, In Gilt Cases, for only fifty cents, warranted equal to any sold elsewhere for $2, at M. E. Lockwood’s gallery, 186 Eighteenth street, one door west of Eighth avenue.

The second advertisement appeared on August 15, 1856.  To Ambrotypists.—Something Entirely New and original.—Lockwood’s heileoprints, on paper, far surpassing anything ever yet produced in the picture line.  Beware of imposters, as I have no agents canvassing the city, but will teach the art at M. E. Lockwood’s gallery, 145 Eighth avenue.  Call and see specimens.  The only place in the world where a large sized ambrotype can be had for 25 cents, including case.  Gallery, 145 Eighth avenue.

The third advertisement appeared on September 30, 1856.  Large Size Ambrotypes, In Cases, only 25c.—The same size, and warranted equal to those others make for one dollar, at M. E. Lockwood’s, Gallery, 145 Eighth avenue.

The fourth advertisement appeared on May 25, 1857.  Stop that Croaking.—Lockwood Defies competition, but invites comparison.  Ten Cent ambrotypes—ambrotypes ten cents.  Large size, including frame, only ten cents, at M. E. Lockwood’s gallery, 145 Eighth avenue; three thousand daily.  Fancy cases less than others charge for common ones.  N. B.—No connection with any other gallery.  Likenesses of deceased persons and invalids taken at their residences.  No. 145 Eighth avenue, one door north of seventeenth street.

M. E. Lockwood is not recorded in other photographic directories. There is a strong possibility that this is Maurice W. Lockwood.

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