James E. Lockwood

1849                Rooms at John C. Gordy’s Hotel, Franklin, Louisiana.                                          1851                Rooms 32 Philippa Street, New Orleans, Louisiana.                                              1851                Rooms 30 Philippa Street, New Orleans, Louisiana.

James E. Lockwood was recorded in one announcement and three advertisements.  The announcement appeared on March 1, 1849 in The Planters’ Banner (Franklin, Louisiana). Daguerreotype Miniatures.—By reference to our advertising columns it will be found that Mr. J. E. Lockwood, of Georgetown, Kentucky, is prepared to take miniatures at Gordy’s Hotel.  We have visited Mr. Lockwood’s Room, and can say that his specimens of this wonderful art are fine.  He gave us so satisfactory proofs of his skill that we permitted him to try himself upon a countenance which we have often noticed in looking-glasses.  He succeeded in getting an exact likeness, and it is so good looking that our bump of self-esteem has been in a thrifty condition ever since we first beheld the picture.  It is actually a great improvement on the original which proves that he can excel nature in making countenances.—

If any one wishes to take a fair view of himself externally he will do well to call on Mr. Lockwood.  Whether one may wish to patronize Mr. L. or not he will do well to call on him and see his numerous miniatures which he will always be happy to exhibit to visitors.

The first advertisement ran from March 1 to 8, 1849 in The Planters’ Banner (Franklin, Louisiana).  J. E. Lockwood’s Daguerrian Gallery, of the latest improvements, by which the Drapery, Face and Eyes, are given with all their beauty and natural expression, which gives his miniature portraits a life-like expression.

Mr. L. late from Georgetown, Ky., has opened his Gallery at Mr. John C. Gordy’s Hotel, where he will be happy to receive ladies and Gentlemen, and present them with a perfect likeness, in from 10 to 30 seconds sitting, clear or cloudy weather.

Families will be grouped, with from 2 to 12 together or single, as large as large as a lite as small as the smallest miniature breast pins, and put up in the neatest style, at low prices.  All work warranted to last for ages unfaded.  Old miniatures taken ever at half price and portraits copied.

Rooms open from 8 o’clock A. M. to 4 P. M.                                                                                              Instructions will be given and the best apparatus furnished on the most reasonable term

The second advertisement ran from July 18 to August 26, 1851 in The Daily Crescent. (New Orleans, Louisiana).  A Gold Mine Discovered—Pictures taken by lightning.—I have the honor to announce to the public that I have recently made an improvement in the art and apparatus, by which I can take the likeness of the smallest child in one second, or as quick as a flash of lightning.  On the announcement of this discovery in the True Delta, July 2, many believe it to be a humbug, for they said it was impossible, and they called to see it.  I tenser an invitation to the public to call at my office 32 Philippa, between Poydras and Perdido streets, and satisfy themselves.  I challenge any Daguerrian Artist in the city, to [exec] me at the office, and I will give $1,000 to any one that can or will, I well know what I am about, for I am the oldest Daguerrean Artist in the city since the death of Maguire.   Dr. Lockwood.

Ladies, with a certainty of success, you may bring your children.

The third advertisement ran from November 21 to December 20, 1851.1851 in The Daily Crescent (New Orleans, Louisiana).  Daguerreotype Rooms, No. 30 Philippa street, between Poydras and Perdido, where Daguerrean Miniature Portraits are taken at short notice and of unexcelled beauty and expression, and put in the neatest style in pins, lockets, frames and cases, cheaper than any other firm in the city.  The proprietor tenders his thanks for past favors, and from his permanent location, together with his devotion and experience in the business for ten years.  These facts he hopes will insure him a liberal share of public patronage.  Jas. Lockwood.

James E. Lockwood is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in New Orleans, Louisiana from 1855 to 1861.

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