Myron E. Judd

1851                   Address Unknown, Albany, New York.                                                                          1852-1854       41 South Pearl Street, Albany, New York.                                                                        1853-1856       3 Hathaway Building, Lansingburgh, New York.

Myron E. Judd was recorded in four announcements and one advertisement in Lansingburgh Democrat (Lansingburgh, New York).  The first announcement appeared on December 1, 1853.  It is currently reported that a new Daguerrean Saloon is to be opened in a few days in Hathaway’s building.  Judd of Albany is to be the artist.

The second announcement appeared on September 21, 1854.  The Country Fair…In the Daguerrian Gallery of Mr. Judd, we recognized many familiar faces, which gave the Fair quite a “home” aspect.

The advertisement ran from March 29, 1855 to March 6, 1856.  Daguerreotypes.  All persons Wishing To Secure good Daguerreotypes are again reminded that Mr. Judd takes the very best of Pictures in all kinds of weather.  He keeps constantly on hand a good assortment of plain and Fancy Cases, and his prices are strictly in accordance with the times—at the lowest rates.  It is needless to say, only to such as are not acquainted, that Mr. Judd takes the utmost pains to please.  Remember that life ins uncertain.  Secure the shadow ere the substance perish.  Put it not off until tomorrow, or you may regret it when too late.

The little laughing, loving child, in life so sweet                                                                                      Father, Mother, sister and brother, in a loving group do meet;                                                          But suppose that either or any by nature is taken away—                                                                        Quick! Then, be up, go over to Judd’s, and get their shadows to-day.

Yes and how dear is one of those daguerreotypes when any of our friends are suddenly taken away;—perhaps a father—perchance a mother.  How dear is the smile retained in a shadow when you see the originals no more.—Those persons wishing Good Likenesses of their Children should not wait until Saturday the most hurrying day of all the week.  Put by all, school not excepted.  Come when the light is good, to give the artist a good chance, and in return you will have a good picture.  Dress at all times in something dark.  Avoid as much as possible all light colors.  Wear brown, green, red, check or black.

Judd’s Rooms, No. 3 Hathaway’s Block, are as pleasantly located as could be desired.—Independent entrance, only one flight of stairs, easy of access to old people.  Mr. Judd is truly thankful for the liberal patronage bestowed upon him by the citizens of Lansingburgh and vicinity.  With increasing confidence in his ability to please, he would again invite all to his rooms, and solicit a continuance of the patronage so liberally bestowed upon him for the past year.  Myron E. Judd.   Lansingburgh, March 29, 1855.

The third announced appeared on April 19, 1855.  The more we examine the daguerreotypes taken by Mr. Judd, the more we are convinced that he has no superior as an Artist in this section of the State.  We have in our private daguerrean gallery perhaps forty specimens, taken by different artists, some here, some in Troy, New-York, and the far West, and we venture to say that no judge of a good picture would fail of arriving at the conclusion that Judd’s are clearly entitled to the premium.  His rooms are very tastefully fitted up, and he has every accommodation for visitors.  Another advantage in dealing with him is that he never lets a poor picture leave his hands—a person, therefore, who is no judge, stands an equal chance with those who are connoisseurs in the art.  One more fact we must mention—his charges will be found to be very moderate.

The fourth announcement appeared on November 15, 1855.  The Daguerrian Saloon formerly occupied by Mr. Judd, has passed into the possession of Mr. Clark, who is ready at all times to secure “the shadow, ere the substance perish,” for all those who wish it.—We noticed an Ambrotype of one of our active citizens hanging at his door a few days since—and if we can form an opinion from that, we judge that Prof. Judd’s mantle has fallen upon no unworthy successor.

Myron E. Judd is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry from 1851 to 1854 while in Albany, New York.

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