Wainwright Jones

1849-1850       265 Washington Street, Boston, Massachusetts.

Wainwright Jones was Recorded in four announcements and one advertisements in the Boston Daily Evening Transcript (Boston, Massachusetts).  The advertisement ran from August 14, 1849 to April 16, 1850.  Persons desirous of Daguerreotype Likenesses of themselves or friends, taken in a superior style, will do well to call at W. Jones’s Rooms, 265 Washington street, Corner of Winter.

The first announcement appeared on September 4, 1849.  Daguerreotypes.  For the information of the public we would state that excellent likenesses are taken at the gallery of Mr. W, Jones, 265 Washington street, corner Winter.  Persons desiring single figures, groups, or other pictures, would do well to call.  We have a specimen of his work before us that is excellent.

The second announcement appeared on October 20, 1849.  Daguerreotypes.  Excellent specimens in this beautiful art are taken by Mr. Jones, at his gallery at the corner of Washington and Winter streets, and at very low prices too, put up in elegant cases, which are an ornament to the centre table.  Give him a call.

The third announcement appeared on September 4, 1849.  Christmas Presents…For Superior daguerreotypes to Whipple; to Southworth & Hawes; to Davis; to Jones; to Chase and some few others…

The fourth announcement appeared on January 14, 1850.  Daguerreotypes, are taken at a very low price at Jones’s Gallery 265 Washington street.  If not good likenesses no pay is required.

Wainwright Jones is recorded in other photographic directories, but is included here to clarify the record.

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