Jones & Stapleton

1856                Rooms over Lyman’s, Corner of Church and College streets, Burlington,                                          Vermont.

Jones & Stapleton (J. W. Jones) were recorded in an advertisement that ran from April 25 to August 29, 1856 in the Burlington Free Press (Burlington, Vermont).  New Discovery.  Ambrotypes And Daguerreotypes By Jones & Stapleton.  Another place has been found in this county where Ambrotypes are taken of the first quality.  Our pictures are cemented between two French plate glasses with an imperishable gum, and warranted to resist the effects of any climate and most powerful acids.

Also Pictures on isinglass, the only kind of photograph well adapted for mailing; they are as durable as the Ambrotype and can be placed between the folds of a letter without increasing its weight.

As we are intending to make this place our permanent residence, our patrons will run no risk of being imposed on by inferior pictures as we shall hold ourselves in readiness to remedy any defect free of charge, which may be caused by fault of ours.

Daguerreotypes taken as usual.  We need not say they are the best that can be produced as all admit that they are the best they have seen.  Rooms over Lyman’s, Corner of Church and College streets.  Jones & Stapleton.

J. W. Jones is recorded in other photographic directories, but the partnership of Jones & Stapleton are not recorded.

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