O. Hubbard

1857                Rooms over James Campbell’s Store, Winchester, Tennessee.                        1858                Rooms South side of the Square, second building from the Custer House                                        Winchester, Tenn.

O. Hubbard is recorded in five advertisements in The Home Journal (Winchester, Tennessee).  The first Advertisement ran from March 20 to May 8, 1857 and is for the partnership of Hubbard & Edwards.  Ambrotypes~!  Hubbard & Edwards Have taken rooms, for a few weeks, over J. Campbell’s Store, where they are prepared to put up the new and Beautiful Style Of Pictures, Called Ambrotypes, in a manner superior to any taken in Winchester.  A new chemical process which they use in finishing off Pictures, renders them impervious to air, water, or acid, and they will retain their brilliancy for ages,—in short they never fade.  Pictures taken in all kinds of weather.  Children taken best from 8 to 12, A. M.

The second advertisement ran from April 11 to May 1, 1857.  The undersigned begs leave to inform the citizens of Winchester and vicinity that he is yet in town, and is prepared to put up Ambrotypes and Melainotypes in the highest perfection of the art.  Melainotypes encased in lockets, breastpins, &c. &c., in the most approved style.  Call and examine specimens.  O. Hubbard.

The third advertisement ran from June 6 to August 22, 1857.  Ambrotype and Melainotype Gallery.  Having concluded to remain in Winchester until the 4th of July, I take this method of informing the citizens of Franklin County generally that I am prepared and can be found at my room (over James Campbell’s store) at hours of the day, ready to put up Ambrotypes or Melainotypes, In The Best Style.

My long experience as an artist, and a desire to please, assure me that I can give entire satisfaction, even to the most fastidious.  Call and see it verified.  Entire satisfaction given, or no sale.  Charges moderate, and liberal deductions made where families are taken.  may 29.

The fourth  advertisement ran from May 20 to August 19, 1858.  Picture Gallery.  O. Hubbard Takes pleasure in informing the ladies and gentlemen of Winchester and Franklin County that he has again in their midst for the purpose of supplying, on reasonable terms, any style of Ambrotype, Melainotype, &c.  He has fitted up Entirely New Rooms superior to any ever before arranged by any former artist in Winchester, and would Cordially invite visitors, (ladies especially) whether they may want pictures or not.  He has had no evidence that his former efforts in this place failed to give general satisfaction, and the liberal patronage he then received has prompted him to fit himself up with rooms and facilities for doing superior work that must certainly induce more patronage than over from an appreciative community.

The Melainotype, being taken on a metal plate, is not so liable to injury by falling, or accident as the glass pictures, while in richness of tone and finish it is unsurpassed.  Howerver, any kind supplied to suit one’s desire.

Paintings, Daguerreotypes, and every other style of pictures accurately copied.  Miniatures taken for insertion in Lockets, Breastpins, &c.  Bring along the juveniles, for he has arranged his light so that they can be taken before they can scarcely move.

He has on hand, and intends to keep constantly, a large stock of fine cases of many sizes; both single and double, such as square, Oval and Octagon, Union, Shell, Band, Jenny Lind, Portmonie, &c., &c.  Work to please or no pay.  When pictures are taken from the room they are considered sold.  Rooms South side of the Square, second building from the Custer House, Winchester, Tenn.  O. Hubbard.

The fifth advertisement ran from August 26 to September 2, 1858.  O. Hubbard.  Ambrotype And Melainotype Artist [South Side Public Square.]  Winchester, Tenn.

O. Hubbard is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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