Byron Hall

1856                21 Main Street, Westfield, New York.

Byron Hall was recorded in three announcements and one advertisement in the Westfield Republican (Westfield, New York).  The first announcement appeared on February 13, 1856.  Photography.  We made it convenient a few days since to visit the Daguerreotype Gallery of Byron Hall, and from the specimens shown us, we are impelled to award our premium to Mr. H., for getting up some of the most tasteful and life-like pictures we have ever seen taken in Westfield; and if an abundance of customers is an evidence of success, Mr. H. would seem to be in a prosperous way.—We observed among a multitude of other fine pictures hanging in his room, a beautiful group of young ladies of our village; and also a very striking likeness of the celebrated Indian Chief, Geo. Copway.  Mr. Hall is introducing all the new improvements in his art, so that he cannot fail to suit his customers.

The Advertisement appeared on February 20 and ran until October 22, 1856.  B. Hall, Daguerrean Artist.  No. 21 Main-st., over Dr. J. Spencer’s Dug Store.  Westfield.

The second announcement appeared on September 17, 1856 and is the only mention of the partnership of Hall & Palmer.  The Fair—Official Awards.  Premiums awarded at the Chautauqua Agricultural Fair, for 1856….Paintings and Drawings….Lot of Nine Ambrotypes, discretionary, $3, Hall & Palmer, Westfield.

The third announcement appeared on September 17, 1856.  Hall’s Ambrotypes shone out at the Fair.  They are beautifully done.  That row of girls! A triangle of beauty—we’d like to keep them—hem!—The Ambrotypes.

Byron Hall does not appear in other photographic directories.

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