Cooley & West

1848                Rooms in Hall’s Long Building, Brattleboro, Vermont.

Cooley & West were recorded in two advertisements and one announcement in the Vermont Phoenix (Brattleboro, Vermont).  The first advertisement ran from May 5 to June 30, 1848.

Daguerreotypes.  The Vermont Daguerrian Gallery Is now being fitted up in Hall’s Long Building.  It will be opened for the reception of visitors, May 10, 1848, when the proprietors will be happy to have a call from the citizens generally, and to show them our specimens; also our assortment of Gold Lockets, which will be sold very cheap, by the single one or by the dozen.

Operators that are in want of Lockets will find it for their advantage to give them a call before purchasing at Boston or other places.

Also, will be kept at their Gallery a large assortment of Plates, Cases, Chemicals and every thing appertaining to the Daguerreotype line, which will be sold at city prices.  The patronage of operators in this section of the country is respectfully solicited.  Likenesses taken of deceased persons; also from Paintings, Daguerreotypes, Engravings, &c.

Pupils thoroughly instructed in the art, and furnished with instruments, if desired.   O. H. Cooley, Geo. S. West.

The second advertisement ran from June 30 to August 11, 1848.  Miniatures.  Vermont Daguerrian Gallery.  Messrs. Cooley & West Would inform the inhabitants of Brattleboro and vicinity that they have fitted up their rooms in a superior manner for taking beautiful Daguerreotype Likenesses, in Cases, Frames, Lockets, Rings, &c., by side or sky light, as the sitter may prefer.  We flatter ourselves, with our long and successful experience in the business, in the Southern as well as the Northern States, and with the late great improvements in the art, we shall be able to take Likenesses of Persons, Portraits, Miniatures, Paintings, Engravings, &c., in a style of execution, boldness of character, beauty of expression, in variety of sizes, and delicacy of light and shadow that will suit the most fastidious.

Constantly on hand, a splendid assortment of Gold and Gilt Lockets.  Operators are requested to give us a call before purchasing elsewhere, as we shall sell very cheap. Single or by the dozen.  Also a large assortment of Plates, Cases, Chemicals, every thing appertaining to the Photographic Art, and which will be sold at city prices.  The patronage of operators in this section of the country is respectfully solicited.  Operators are invited to examine our Photographic Accelerating Fluid, which is acknowledged by the best artist to be the best thing now in use.

Likenesses taken of deceased persons.  Particular attention paid to instructing pupils in every branch of the business.  Also all the late improvements in the art.  Persons wishing to go South or West will find it for their interest to give us a call before engaging elsewhere.  Constantly on hand, German, French and American Cameras, which will be sold low.O. H. Cooley, Geo. S. West, Hall’s Long Building, over the Post Office.

The announcement ran on April 27, 1849.  Daguerreotypes.—Messrs. Cooley & West have been succeeded in the Daguerreotype business in this village, by Messrs. Spear and Mack, at the old stand, Hall’s Long Building.  With the best apparatus and materials, united to skill and experience, the new comers are prepared to portray the “human face divine” in any style that may be desired, to the perfect satisfaction of sitters.  [Advertisement Next Week.]

Otis H. Cooley was active in Springfield, Massachusetts and Brattleboro, Vermont.  George S. West is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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