Cooley & Meacham

1851                26 & 27 Foot’s Building, Springfield, Massachusetts.

Cooley & Meacham were recorded in an announcement and an advertisement.  The announcement ran on July 16, 1851 in the Springfield Daily Republican (Springfield, Massachusetts).  Cooley Daguerreotypes.  The most exquisite specimens of out-door Daguerreotyping we have ever seen, was accomplished, on Saturday last, by Mr. O. H. Cooley.  Mr. Cooley invited the Ocean Hose Company out, for their picture, and took them in their neat uniform with their new banner appropriately displayed in the center of the line.  The picture is a perfect set of portraits, in miniature, of the whole company, every individual being easily recognizable by those acquainted with the original.  This is not all.  The tone of the picture is like that of the very richest steel engraving.  We learn that the company are determined to have this picture, but trust that Mr. Cooley will retain it awhile, for exhibition.

In this connection, it is put justice to Mr. Cooley to give him the credit that his long and successful labors in the Daguerreotyping art deserves.  He began his business in the infancy of the art, eight or nine years since.  With an industry and perseverance which have surmounted every obstacle, he has kept along with the advance of his art, until, now, he displays a gallery of pictures, and daily furnishes portraits to his patrons, second to none found in the United States.  He has now taken in a new partner, and the business is carried on by Cooley & Meacham.  The gallery of pictures has been removed to the third story in Foot’s building, and now occupies one of the most beautiful and pleasant rooms in town.  Mr. Clark, an operator accomplished in his art, and gentlemanly in his deportment, presides in the laboratory, and we are glad to know that the business thrives.

The advertisement ran on July 25 to August 12, 1851 in the Springfield Daily Republican (Springfield, Massachusetts).  Hampden Daguerrean Gallery.  Cooley & Meacham, Proprietors, No. 26 & 27 Foot’s Building.  This long established Gallery has been constantly gaining in popularity, until now it is acknowledged to be unsurpassed in this country.

The picture department is still under the supervision of Mr. C., the original proprietor, whose motto has ever been to “go ahead,” in all the improvements in the Art, and he is determined to keep in advance of all competitors.  He has taken in as partner, Mr. H. H. Meacham, and with this accession to his means, is enabled to offer the picture-loving public greater inducements than ever to patronize this establishment.

They have removed their Gallery to room No. 26, directly front of the operating room, the pleasantest room in the building, and invite the public generally to visit their fine Exhibition Rooms, filled with an extensive collection of portraits of distinguished public men.

Pictures taken in all weather at moderate price.  N. B. Mr. Cooley having made the above arrangement request all who are indebted to him to make immediate payment, and all having accounts against him are requested to present the same for adjustment.

Otis H. Cooley is listed in A Directory of Massachusetts Photographers 1839-1900 and Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Springfield, Massachusetts.  Not recorded is that Cooley was also active in Brattleboro, Vermont from 1847-1849.  Craig’s Daguerreian Registry list a Harris Meacham in 1851-1852 without a business address.  Meacham is not listed in A Directory of Massachusetts Photographers 1839-1900.

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