Francis W. Chase

N.D.                Corner of Court and Main Street, Middletown, Connecticut.                            N.D.                Unknown Address, South Dennis, Massachusetts.                                                1859                Main Street, Springfield, Massachusetts.                                                            1860                Unknown Address, West Harwich, Massachusetts.   

Francis W. Chase Information came from an Ambrotype advertising card in my collection.  Obverse—From Chase’s Ambrotype & Photograph Gallery, South Dennis—Satisfaction warranted, or no sale.  Particular attention given to children and copying.  F. W. Chase, Proprietor.  (Note South Dennis is hand written.)  Reverse—(all printed) From Chase’s Ambrotype and Photograph Gallery, Corner of Court and Main Street, opposite the McDonough House, Middletown, CT.  Satisfaction warranted or no sale.

Listed in the 1859 Springfield City Directory, residence section as a daguerreotypist.        Listed in the 1860 New England Business Directory, Harwich.  

The South Dennis Massachusetts and Middletown Connecticut information is not recorded in other photographic directories.  Both Craig’s Daguerreian Registry and A Directory Of Massachusetts Photographers, 1839-1900, have the Springfield and West Harwich listings.

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