H. S. Chase

1843                86½ Main Street, Nantucket, Massachusetts

H. S. Chase was recorded in three announcements and three advertisements in the Nantucket Inquirer (Nantucket, Massachusetts.) The first announcement appeared on July 22, 1843. Daguerreotype Miniatures.  We would call attention to the advertisement of Mr. H. S. Chase, who proposes to remain in town a few days for the purpose of taking miniatures by the striking and wonderful Daguerreotype process.  We have been permitted to examine some of Mr. C.’s specimens, which were excellent, and we believe that he has given entire satisfaction to all who have called his skill in requisition.  We recommend those of our readers who wish perfect fac-similes of their own physiognomies or those of their friends, to give him a call.  His rooms are at 86½ Main street, upstairs. 

The second announcement appeared on August 5, 1843.  Daguerreotype Miniatures.  Mr. Chase is very successful in taking these “counterfeit presentments,” and will remain in town a few days longer for that purpose.  His rooms are at 86½ Main street, upstairs.  We would advise all who wish a first-rate likeness of themselves or their friends, to improve this opportunity.  Give him a call.

The first advertisement appeared on August 19 and ran until August 26, 1843.  Miniatures Taken By The Daguerreotype.  Mr. H. S. Chase would respectfully inform the citizens of Nantucket, that he has taken rooms at 86½ Main street, upstairs where he will be happy to receive those who wish to examine specimens in his beautiful art.  Mr. H. S. C. flatters himself that his pictures are unsurpassed by any in New England, and requests that no one will form an opinion of them before examining his specimens.

Miniatures will be taken at your own mansions, if desired.  Those who wish a perfect likeness of themselves, or friends, and a beautiful picture, would do well to call soon, as his stay in town will be short.  Entire satisfaction given or no charges.

Price, in the best Daguerreotype Cases, $4.  Two persons in one picture, $6.

Those who have Miniatures taken by other operators, with which they are dissatisfied, can have them taken over at a reduced price.                                                                       Jy 12.

On August 26, 1843 the second advertisement appeared and ran until September 9, 1843.  Price Reduced From $4 to Only $2.50!!!

Photographic Miniatures Taken at 86½ Main Street, Only One Week Longer.  In consequence of having some stock on hand, which he wishes to dispose of before leaving the Island, Mr. Chase has concluded to reduce the price of his pictures, to about the cost of the materials, for the short time which he will remain on the island.  Those who wish exact likenesses of themselves, will do well to embrace the present rare opportunity.  Every picture warranted.

Remember Only one week longer!  Single pictures, $2.50, former price $4; two persons in one picture, $3.50, former price $6.

The third advertisement appeared on September 23 and ran until October 4, 1843.  The Last Chance.  The Daguerreotype Rooms will positively Close This Week.

By a new process, Mr. Chase has succeeded in giving his pictures a natural flesh color; which renders them far superior to any heretofore produced.

Specimens of this kind may be seen at the rooms.  Price $2,50 in cases or frames, hours of operating from 8 to 3 o’clock.

The third announcement appeared on October 28, 1843.  Daguerreotype Likenesses.  It is well known to our readers that for some months past Mr. Chase has been very successful in taking correct likenesses by the Daguerreotype process.  Mr. C.  having imperative engagements elsewhere, disposed of his apparatus to Mr. George F. Barney, a citizen of this town and a genuine Nantucketer.  Mr. Barney by diligent and close application, obtained of his predecessor all the information necessary to obtain correct likenesses, and we are glad to say that he has, thus far, been well encouraged, and given entire satisfaction to those who have patronized him.  We have examined many of the likenesses taken by Mr. B., and we consider them equal, in every respect, to any that we have ever seen.  Call and give him a trial; if he does not give perfect satisfaction, you are not obliged to take the picture.  Encourage and cherish “Home Industry,” is sound policy.—See advertisement.

H. S. Chase does not appear in other photographic directories, nor does George F. Barney.

1 thought on “H. S. Chase

  1. Thanks for posting this information. The photographer was none other than Dr. Henry Seymour Chase Sr. M.D., D.D.S., father of Harry Chase, the marine painter. Dr. Chase was also grandfather of artists Frank Swift Chase and Edward Leigh Chase. I knew that Dr. Chase took photos on Nantucket in the summer of 1843, when he was a young man, but I really appreciate the detailed information from his advertisements in the Inquirer that you posted. Cheers! You have probably already found it, but there is also a mention of H.S. Chase as photographer on Nantucket here:



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