H. F. Burch

1858                Rooms over White’s Drug Store, Glasgow, Missouri.

H. F. Burch was recorded in an announcement in the Glasgow Weekly Times (Glasgow, Missouri) on January 7, 1858. Ambrotypes.—An excellent Ambrotypist is in town. His specimens are good, and those wanting pictures should call without delay.

On January 14, 1858 he was listed in an advertisement in the same newspaper which ran until February 18, 1858.  Ambrotyping.  We would respectfully announce to the citizens of Glasgow and vicinity, that we have opened rooms over White’s Drug Store, for a short time only, for the purpose of Taking Pictures in the above named Art.

This new style of Pictures is fast taking the place of all other methods of producing photographic pictures, as they possess all the beauty of light and shade so much desired in a likeness of one’s self; at the same time they cannot be surpassed in beauty of finish and depth of tone.  The picture is taken up-on glass and is subject to no change in any climate, giving the true position of the subject; and the time of sitting is reduced to about one-third; therefore, the beauty of expression is preserved in all its truthfulness.    H. F. Burch.

On March 25, 1858 he is mentioned in an advertisement as a teacher of John Chamberlain in the Glasgow Weekly Times (Glasgow, Missouri.)  Ambrotypes.—Mr. Jno. Chamberlain has fitted up a room in the rear of his jewelry shop, where he is prepared to take likenesses of every description, at a moments notice.  He formerly was engaged in the Daguerrean business, and has recently graduated under Prof. Burch, one of the best Ambrotypist that has ever visited our town.  Mr. C. has a fine instrument, a good assortment of stock, and will do you up a likeness of any required description or price, in less time than you have taken to read this notice.

H. F. Burch is not listed in other photographic directories.

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