Norman Bugbee

1844                64 Dauphin Street, Mobile, Alabama.                                                                                    1848-1849     53 Dauphin Street, Mobile, Alabama.

Norman Bugbee was recorded in an advertisement in The Weekly Independent (Aberdeen, Mississippi) on August 4, 1849.  Daguerrean Gallery, No. 53, Dauphin St.  N. Bugbee the most experienced Daguerreotypist in the city, would respectfully solicit the patronage of the citizens of Aberdeen and vicinity, while visiting the city of Mobile and will at all times insure their Likenesses far superior as to beauty and durability, than any taken in the city or in the south, and his latest improvements in the art are unsurpassed; his prices are lower than any other establishment, comparing the quality of his miniatures, which vary according to the size [finish in] which they are put up.                         Dec 1.

Note that the date of the advertisement found at the end of the ad is Dec. 1.  It is possible that this is a typo or that the year might be before 1848.  The problem is that in 1849 there were only two issues available August 4 in which the advertisement was found and on December 1 and no advertisements for any daguerreotypist were found.  In 1848 there were only four dates available March 18, May 6, December 9 and December 30th Norman Bugbee’s advertisement did not appear in any of them. On the December 9th issue a large hole appeared on page 3 & 4, and the December 30th issue was missing page 1 & 2.

Craig’s Daguerreian Registry list a Norman Bugby in 1844 at 64 Dauphin Street, Mobile, Alabama this is probably the same person.

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