G. S. Bugg

1857                Address Unknown, Watertown, New York.

G. S. Bugg was recorded in The Daily Journal (Ogdensburgh, New York) on August 27, 1857. Watertown Correspondence.  Watertown, August 26, 1857.  G. S. Bugg, a daguerrean artist, was sadly burned the other evening.  At the time of the accident Mr. G. was mixing by the light of a lamp, some combustible fluid, used in the practice of his art which took fire, and his head was completely enveloped in flames, burning his hair completely off, and searing his face very badly.  The room in which he was at work took fire, but which was soon put out by timely and efficient aid.

G. S. Bugg is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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