Brady & Evans

1857                205 & [359] Broadway, New York, New York.

Brady & Evans.  In trying to piece information together about the partnership I started looking in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry unfortunately the partnership is not mention.  Under the entry for Mathew B. Brady’s there is no mention of Evans, under the entry for Thomas C. Evans John does mention that he probably worked for Brady in the 1850’s, but does not list hard dates for when they might have been active together.  Contrary to John reporting Brady did operate the 205 Broadway address from 1847 until 1858, and the 359 Broadway address from 1853 to 1859, a third New York City Gallery was added in 1858-1859 at 643 Broadway.  John reports in 1858-1859 that Evans is at the 643 Broadway address but does not make the connection that it is the same address as Brady’s.  Since only the two notices below have been found to date that mention Thomas C. Evans it would only be speculation to suggest that Evans was working at the 205 Address, but, knowing that he is working at the new studio and that the 205 address has been closed gives some weight to that suggestion.

The first notice about Brady and Evans were reported in the Evening Star (Washington, D. C.) on October 2, 1857 Life-size Photographs.—The art of Photography is advancing rapidly and steadily towards perfection.  The imperial photograph has been generally deemed the finest achievement in the department thus far; but Messrs. Brady & Evans have gone a step further, and have produced full-length photographic portraits the size of life.  These are the first of the kind ever made in the world, and are well worthy of examination, not simply as curiosities, but as works of art.  Two of them are groups of three figures each, and the other is a splendid full-length likeness of the popular prima donna Frezzolini.  The pictures are in size about seven feet by four, and are as accurate likenesses as any of the smaller photographs in the gallery.  By some means or other, moreover, the artists have overcome the leading defect of this art, which consists in exaggerating the size of that portion of the object which happens to be in the foreground.  These pictures are not taken directly from life, but from smaller ones upon glass, magnified.  We understand two of them will probably be sent to the Crystal Palace for exhibition.  They are certainly very remarkable productions.—New York Times.

The second notice appeared in The Evansville Daily Journal (Evansville, Indiana) on October 3, Brady & Evans of New York City are producing photographic portraits of full life size, but are first taken in miniature and then enlarged.

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