Jefferson Beardsley

Jefferson Beardsley (1833-1895) was recorded in an advertisement in the Ithaca Journal and Advertiser (Ithaca, New York) on September 15, 1858 and which ran until February 23, 1859.  His address is based on Moses Reeves’s advertisement 49 Owego Street, over T. C. Thompson’s Merchant Tailor’s store, Ithaca.

The Sun Still Shines!  “By their Works ye know them.”  I would respectfully announce to the citizens of Ithaca and surrounding country, that I have taken the rooms formerly occupied by M. Reeves, over T. C. Thompson’s and 2 doors west of Culver’s store, where I am prepared to take all kinds of Photographic Pictures in a superior manner.  I will take pictures of Invalids or Deceased Persons, at their residence, on the most reasonable terms and the shortest possible notice.  Portraits painted—miniature or life size—in oil and crayon, Views of residences, Draughting and pictures of every description painted to Order.

Another example of a painter doing photography.  After doing an internet search for Jefferson Beardsley.  I found out that he was a portrait and landscape painter and photographer, working into the 1880’s and possibly beyond.  He is listed in The New York Historical Society Dictionary of Artist in America, 1864-1860.  As a genre painter, Ithaca (N. Y.), exhibited at the National Academy in 1859.

A foot note Beardsley attended the American Centennial Celebration in Philadelphia in 1876 and evidently purchased photographs of French pornography, sometime after he returned home he was charged with a crime and stood trial after college student and young men came in contact with them, he was also accused of making copies.  At the end of the trial he was sentenced to six months of hard labor.[1]

[1] Zen And The Art Of Local History (edited by Carol Kammen, Bob Beatty) p. 103-110.

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