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Norton & Carden

1854                369 Broadway, New York, New York.

Norton & Carden were recorded in four advertisements, the first three advertisements are from The New York Herald (New York, New York), and one advertisement from The Photographic And Fine Art Journal (New York, New York), followed by three entries from the New York City Directories for 1853/1854; 1854/1855 and 1855/1856 1854.  The first advertisement appeared on June 5, 1854.

Stop! Stop! Stop!—It is the Fashion for all

To go to the daguerrean called International.

Kept by Norton & Carden, two artist of merit,

Who into your portraits throw nature and spirit.

So, quickly step into their gallery of art,

And they warrant a fine picture ere you depart.

Norton & Carden, 369 Broadway, next door to Taylor’s saloon.

The second on June 6, 1854.


Talk of your Browns, your Jenkins or others

Who take portraits of mothers, sisters or brothers,

A [  ?  ] is display’d which ne’er was thought on

In those which are taken by Carden and Norton;

They are all pronounced good, in fact they are fine,

So don’t forget its in Broadway, number three six nine.

The third on June 7, 1854.

Daguerreotypes-Daguerreotypes—“I Say, my friend, where are you going?”  “Why I am going as fast as I can to Norton & Carden’s international daguerrean gallery, to have my portrait taken; they are always good.”  “Are they?  Then I’ll go too.”  Norton & Carden, 369 Broadway, next to Taylor’s saloon.

The fourth advertisement appeared in The Photographic And Fine Art Journal on July 1854. 

Norton & Cardon—Have opened a Daguerrean Gallery at No. 369 Broadway…

1853.  New York City Directory.  (New York, New York.)  1853-1854.

Carden, Robert A., daguerreotypes, 293 Broadway, h-[293] Broadway.

Carden & Co., daguerreotypes, 293 Broadway.

Norton, Elijah F.—not listed.

Norton, William H.—not listed.

1854.  New York City Directory.  (New York, New York.)  1854-1855.

Carden, Robert A., daguerreotypes, 369 Broadway, residence not listed.

Norton & Carden, daguerreians, 369 Broadway.

Norton, Elijah F. not listed.

Norton, William H., actor, 369 Broadway, residence not listed.  

1855.  New York City Directory.  (New York, New York.)  1855-1856.

Carden, Robert A.—not listed.

Norton, Elijah F.—not listed

Orton, William H.—not listed.

Norton & Carden is recorded in Craig’s Daguerrean Registry, but it is misleading the information provided is not consistent as to the identity of Norton, under Robert A. Carden Norton he is identified as W. H. and under Elijah F. Norton, John states that he is possibly the same Norton in the partnership.  W. H. Norton is not listed as being active in New York City, John does list a W. H. Norton in Boston in 1860.  In A Directory Of Massachusetts Photographers 1839-1900 he is recorded in Boston as a piano maker in 1859 and a photographer in 1860 at 49 Tremont.