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Mr. Childs

1848                Rooms over S. Walker’s Store, Church Street, Burlington, Vermont.      1848                Rooms over D. Turner, Jr.’s Store, Ogdensburgh, New York.

Mr. Child can be tied to two partnerships The first I posted yesterday was an advertisement recorded on April 14 to May 19, 1848 in the Burlington Free Press (Burlington, Vermont.)  Daguerreotypes.  Messrs. Childs & Steele have fitted up Rooms over S. Walker’s store, Church Street, Burlington, Vt., expressly for the purpose of taking Daguerreotype Miniatures.  We have every convenience for taking groups of from two to ten on the same plate, or single pictures, of superior style and finish.  Set in frames, cases or lockets at moderate prices.

Business hours from 9 A. M. to 5 P. M.  Ladies and Gentlemen are respectfully invited to call at our Rooms and examine specimens.  Entrance up stairs, between N. Lovely’s and S. Walker’s stores.

A few months later he is recorded in two advertisements in the partnership of Wakefield & Childs the first advertisement ran from August 17 to September 1, 1848 in the Daily Sentinel (Ogdensburgh, New York.)  Daguerreotype Miniatures, Messrs. Wakefield & Childs, from Boston & Burlington, will open miniature rooms over D. Turner Jr.’s store, Ford st. about the 25th of August.

P. S. Those wishing Miniatures will do well to wait and examine specimens before obtaining elsewhere.

The second advertisement ran from September 2 to 14, 1848 in the same newspaper.  Daguerreotype Miniatures, Messrs. Wakefield & Childs, from Boston & Burlington, have opened rooms over D. Turner Jr.’s store, Ford st. and are prepared to execute likenesses in the latest and most approved styles, and neatly set them into Frames, Pins and Lockets.  All who feel an interest in the Art will please call and see specimens.

Mr. Childs can be attributed to the partnership of Childs & Steele base on the first advertisement in Burlington, Vermont and the second advertisement ties the two together as Childs being from Burlington, Vermont and Wakefield to Boston.  Wakefield is not recorded in other photographic directories.