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V. C. or V. B. Tarbon

1855-1856       Front Street, Rooms over Mayhugh’s Grocery Store, Pomeroy, Ohio.

V. C. or V. B. Tarbon was recorded in one announcement and one advertisement in the Meigs County Telegraph (Pomeroy, Ohio).  The announcement appeared on December 25, 1855.  V. B. Tarbon & Co., are prepared to take Daguerreotypes in good style.  Go and get your “ugly mug” taken.  His plates are strong. No danger of breaking them, unless you “put on airs.”

The advertisement ran from December 25, 1855 to March 4, 1856.  $100 For A Likeness!  “Hail holy Light!  Of Heaven first-born!!” 

How often we have heard it said, “I would give a hundred dollars, if I had a likeness of my deceased mother, &c.,”  Now one can be had, set in a good case, for only One Dollar, by visiting at any hour in the day, and in Any Weather, from 8 o’clock, A. M., till 4 P. M., at the Pomeroy daguerrean Gallery, front street, over Mayhugh’s Grocery.

The Subscribers keep on hand an assortment of Daguerreotype Stock and Apparatus, with which they will supply artist if desired.

Wanted!  A man to learn the business, to whom liberal inducements will be offered.  V. C. Tarbon & Co.

V. C. or V. B. Tarbon are not recorded in other photographic directories.