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Bixby & Doane

Bixby & Doane were recorded twice in the Burlington Free Press (Burlington, Vermont.) The first notice was on November 22, 1844. Daguerreotype Miniatures.  Messrs. Bixby and Doane, having received instructions and purchased an apparatus from Mead brothers who have spent some time in this place, and are now taking capital Daguerreotypes.  They have all the latest improvements in the art, and have been eminently successful in taking a great number of likenesses.  Nothing can exceed the delicate and faithful portraiture of this wonderful invention.  It transfers the features and expression with the exactness of a mirror, and by the new process of gilding as it is called, fastens the impression ineffaceably upon the plate.  We advise all who desire to preserve valuable mementoes of themselves or their friends, to call on Messrs. Bixby & Doane, over Cole & Robinson’s, where they can see the likenesses of their neighbors, and satisfy themselves as to their correctness.

The second notice was on January 31, 1845 in the same newspaper.  Daguerreotypes.  Our young friends Bixby & Doane, have taken almost every body’s likeness here, are about, we learn, to go elsewhere in quest of faces.  We can only say of them as we have before, they are not only very estimable young townsmen of ours, but they take Daguerreotypes as neatly and faithfully as we have ever seen them taken.  Our friends elsewhere are advised that they cannot get their faces taken better than by these young men, as they have the latest improvements in their art.

The third advertisement appeared on June 5, 1845 in the Spirit of the Age newspaper Woodstock, Vermont.)  Premium Colored Daguerreotypes.  Messrs. Bixby & Doane, Would respectfully inform the inhabitants of Woodstock and vicinity that they have taken Rooms at the Temperance House, where they are now ready to execute these pictures in any variety of style, either in Pins, Bracelets, Lockets, Cases or Frames.  By aid of new chemical agents, most splendid results are obtained; and multitudes are being delighted daily, at the astonishing perfection,, to which, in point of delineation, boldness, and unerring truthfulness this art has so suddenly attained.  Ladies and Gentlemen are respectfully invited to call and examine the specimens.

Instruction in the art given on reasonable terms.  Stock and apparatus constantly on hand, which will be furnished as low as can be purchased in any city.  All orders promptly executed.    Woodstock, June 4, 1845.  The advertisement ran from June 5 to 19, 1845.

Both Bixby and Doane are not recorded in other photographic directories.  A possible identification of Doane…One could speculate that it might be Thomas Coffin Doane, it has been reported that he learned the daguerreotype business in 1843, and that he opened a studio in 1846 in Montreal, Canada.  In 1859-1865 he was a photographer in Boston.  What is new information is that the Meade Brothers were in Burlington, Vermont.