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Samuel E. Moore

1858                49 Camp Street, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Samuel E. Moore was recorded in one announcement and one advertisement in the Times-Picayune (New Orleans, Louisiana).  The announcement appeared on November 6, 1858. 

Stereoscopic.—One of the pleasantest, cheapest and most easily obtainable amusements for a family circle is a set of stereoscopic views.  They are beautiful specimens of the optician’s and daguerreotypist’s skill and taste, and afford never-wearying variety. 

Messrs. S. E. Moore & Co., 49 Camp street, have just received a fine assortment of these views which are more particularly described in their card elsewhere.

The advertisement first appeared on November 6, 1858.  Stereoscopic Views.  We have just received a fine assortment of these most elegant and instructive Parlor Ornaments, comprising of

Views in Paris.

Views in Rome.

Views in Switzerland.

Views in Vienna.

Views of Domestic Life, &c., &c., &c.

And of all qualities—upon Glass, Illustrated Paper and Plain.

The prices are very moderate, and no more desirable evening entertainment for the members of a family can be conceived than a study of these beautiful Scenes, which have the effect of transporting the observer to the very spot whence they were taken.  Sam’le E./ Moore & Co., 49 Camp street.

Samuel E. Moore is not recorded in other photographic directories.