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S. G. Conger

1852                Address Unknown, Fort Covington, New York.                                                    1852                Address Unknown, Malone, New York.                                                                          1853                In Front of the Franklin House, Malone, New York.

S. G. Conger was recorded an announcement and two advertisements. The announcement ran on November 13, 1852 in the Franklin Gazette (Fort Covington, New York).  Daguerreotype Saloon.  The undersigned will be in Malone with his Daguerrean Saloon in a few days, and those wishing to get correct likenesses of themselves or friends will do well to call, for perhaps a better opportunity may never present itself.

Think not these portraits made by light,                                                                                                           Will fade and vanish at a sight,                                                                                                                             No—when the ruby lip is dust shall lie,                                                                                                             When death’s grey film o’erspreads the sparkling eye,                                                                               These life-like pictures will mock at decay,                                                                                                     And still be fresh and vivid as to-day.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Mr. C. is now in town, and ready to receive visitors.

In the first advertisement that ran from April 7 to May 12, 1853 in the Frontier Palladium (Malone, New York).    S. G. Conger, Daguerrean Artists, Would respectfully inform the ladies and gentlemen of Malone and its vicinity that he will remain a few weeks in town, and those that wish to get Daguerreotype Miniatures taken of themselves or friends will have a favorable opportunity of doing so on moderate terms and in the highest perfection of the art.

Miniatures put up in Broaches, Lockets, Rings, &c.                                                                                     Pictures taken in cloudy weather as well as in a clear day.                                                                      N. B.—Satisfaction given or no charge.                                                                                                              Instructions in the Art carefully given on moderate terms.

The second advertisement ran from July 14 to October 27, 1853 in the Frontier Palladium  (Malone, New York).  In Town Again!  Conger’s Daguerrean Saloon, Has taken the Old Stand, in front of the Franklin House, where he will always be ready to wait on those that will favor him with a call.

Pictures taken in all kinds of weather, and in as Good Style, as can be got in this vicinity.  If you don’t believe it, come and try it.—There is no use of boasting of my experience in regard to my work; I will leave it with the public to judge for themselves in regard to the beauty of my pictures, the correctness of delineation, or perfectness of the whole mechanical execution in this truly beautiful Art.             A correct likeness or no charge.

S. G. Conger is not recorded in other photographic directories.