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S. D. Brewer

Ca.1849           109 Washington Street, Boston, Massachusetts.                                        1850                Union Street Bazaar, opposite the Lynn Railroad Station, Lynn, Massachusetts.

S. D. Brewer was recorded in the Lynn News (Lynn, Massachusetts) on April 26, 1850.  He has been hired as an assistant to S. H. Whitmore and was formerly form [Luther Holman] Hale & Company, Boston  gallery.

New Daguerreian Gallery, In the Union Street Bazaar, opposite the Lynn Railroad Station.  The subscriber, having decided upon a permanent Location, has at great expense fitted up a suit of rooms, and furnished them with every facility for executing Likenesses, single or in groups, in a new and unique manner.  He has also the assistance of Mr. S. D. Brewer, who is acknowledged to be one of the best operators in the country, (recently from Hale & Co., Boston,) with the best Voigtlander Camera in the world, which will enable him to carry out his motto, “Excelsior.”

N.B. Particular attention will be given to procure good likenesses of sick or deceased persons, at their residence.  Children taken, in from three to ten seconds, between 9, A. M, and 3, P. M.  Copying attended to with punctuality and dispatch.  Persons learning of him will receive the best of instruction.  Lockets, Cases, and Frames, constantly on hand and for sale.  Perfect satisfaction guaranteed.              S. H. Whitmore

Brewer was not listed in the business or residence sections of the Boston City Directory for 1848 through 1851 and he was not recorded in A Directory of Massachusetts Photographers. 1839-1900, either under Boston or Lynn sections.