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Noble & White

1851-1852       Daguerreian Car, on the Public Square, Jackson, Michigan.

Noble & White (first names unknown) were recorded in three announcements and one advertisement in the Jackson Citizen (Jackson, Michigan).  The first announcement appeared on December 24, 1851.  Daguerreotypes. We yesterday took a peep into the Daguerreian Car of Messrs. Noble & White, which is situated upon our public square, and was really surprised at the richness, brilliancy and beauty of their numerous specimens.  For correct delineation and life-like expression, their pictures are not surpassed by even any of the “premium daguerreotypes” of the eastern cities.  Let each go and take a look for themselves, and we doubt not that they will be impressed at once that these artists fully understand the art of being pleasant and agreeable, and also can in an unsurpassed manner.

“The giftie gin us,

To see ourselves as others see us.”

The advertisement ran from December 24 & 31, 1851.  The Ark Afloat!  That’s So, But Anchored!!  Noble & White, Daguerreian Artists Respectfully inform the citizens of Jackson that they are prepared at their Daguerreian Car, (on the Public Square,) to furnish all who desire a good likeness, with better pictures than are usually executed.  As they intend to remain but a couple of weeks, early application is advised.  Jackson, Dec. 23, 1851.

The second announcement appeared on December 31, 1851.  An Incident.—As we were, one day last week, sitting in the Daguerreian Car of Messrs. Noble & White, a lady from Dexter stepped in and asked, in anxious voice, if they had preserved a likeness of a little child, taken by them for specimen picture, while they were stopping in that village.  The father was urged to purchase the picture, but his rosy cheeked child was blooming with health and beauty, and he thought it a useless expenditure.  In two short weeks that promising flower was cut down by death; and his mourning parents sought, as a last  hope of preserving to their view, the features of their boy, the Daguerreian Car, in hopes that they might yet obtain the Daguerreotype.  But, alas, they were here disappointed.  The picture had been destroyed, and  their child was lost to them for ever.  Let those who desire a correct and beautiful daguerreotype of their family or friends remember that they should not wait for a “more convenient season,” as that may never come, but at once improve the present opportunity, as Messrs. Noble & White, remain but a few days more with us.

The third announcement appeared on January 28, 1852.  The People say that Noble & White are doing a “land office business,” taking Daguerreotypes.  The “Ark” is going away, one of these days; so all you Californians, lovers, husbands, parents, men women, children, boys and girls, who want a good picture, of yourselves, or any body else, now is your time.  “Delays are dangerous.”

Noble & White are not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Jackson, Michigan.  David Tinder’s online Directory oy Early Michigan Photographers records a Samuel B. Noble as being active in Grand Rapids in 1849-1850, also in 1850 as a dentist, Craig’s Daguerreian Registry also record S. B. Noble as being active in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1849.  It is unknown if they are the same person.