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N. H. Hammond

1849                First Street, corner Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, District of Columbia.

N. H. Hammond was recorded in an advertisement that ran from May 7 to 15, 1849.  in The Daily National Whig (Washington, D. C.).  Daguerreotype Likenesses.  N. H. Hammond would respectfully announce to the citizens and strangers of Washington that he has purchased the Daguerreotype stock of George & Hammond, and will, at the request of numerous friends, remain at their old stand corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and First street, One More Week.

Hundreds are witnesses that they can obtain better and cheaper likenesses at this establishment than are often obtained.  Please call and satisfy yourselves.

N. H. Hammond is not recorded in other photographic directories.


1849                First Street, Corner Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.  C.

George was recorded in two advertisements in the partnership of George and Hammond.  The first advertisement ran from February 8 to March 16, 1849 in The Daily National Whig (Washington, D. C.).  George & Hammond, Daguerreotypists, first door on First street, corner of Pennsylvania avenue, near the Capitol, thankful for past favors, would respectfully announce to the ladies and gentlemen of this city and vicinity, that they intend leaving in a very short time for California.

And having on hand a large Daguerreotype stock, which they are desirous to close up before leaving, would give notice to those who may give them an early call, that they have one very neat  style which they would put up for One Dollar.

Customers may be sure of finding, at this establishment, every desirable style of case.  The latest patterns of Gold Lockets furnished and Miniatures neatly set at reasonable prices.

The second advertisement ran from March 28 to April 27, 1849.  The Daily National Whig (Washington, District of Columbia).  George & Hammond, Daguerreotypists, Corner First Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, near the Capitol, Would respectfully announced to the citizens and strangers of Washington that all who wish to secure a correct and cheap Daguerreotype from their establishment must call immediately, as they will positively leave the city in a few days.  A very neat article put up for $1,00.

All should help sustain that art which keeps the absent near;                                                              The beautiful unchanged from Time’s rude theft—                                                                          Guards the fresh tint of childhood’s polished brow,                                                                            And when love yields its idol to the tomb                                                                                                    Doth snatch a copy.

George, and N. H. Hammond are not recorded in other city directories.