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Mr. Metcalf

1852-1854       Rooms 77 Main Street, Richmond, Virginia.

Mr. Metcalf was mentioned in an advertisement and announcement in The Daily Dispatch (Richmond, Virginia).  The advertisement ran on April 2 and 3, 1852.  More New Pictures At Whitehurst’s.—Mr. Metcalf has just returned from Washington, where he has been engaged the past week in obtaining likenesses of prominent individuals, expressly for exhibition in this Gallery.  Among them are those of Gen. Winfield Scott, of the U. S. A., Gen. Gonzalez de la Vega, of Mexico, Col. Benj. McCulloch, of Texas Rangers, Hon. Lewis Cass, of Michigan, Hon. Judge Butler, of S. C., Hon. Judge McLane, of Ohio, Hon. R. M. T. Hunter, of Virginia, Ole Bull, Violinist, Miss Julia Dean, Actress, Miss Grace Greenwood, Authoress.  The public are respectfully invited to call and examine these specimens.  J. H. Whitehurst.

The announcement appeared on June 13, 1854.  Daguerreotyping.—Mr. Daniel Bendann, an operator at Whitehurst’s Daguerrean Gallery in this city, has shown us some very beautiful specimens of his art, in some views, taken by himself, of the handsome residence of Mr. Stewart, on Brook Avenue.  The beautiful Mansion, embowered in a grove; the family group gathered upon the porch; the horses and carriage seen, at a little distance, in the shade of the trees, all are the very counterpart of life.  Mr. Bendann deserves great credit for this work.  He is a young artist, who has been for several years associated with the accomplished Mr. Metcalf, the principal operator in Whitehurst’s gallery.  He bids fair to be an ornament to his profession.

Mr. Metcalf is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Richmond, Virginia  in 1853 without a business address.