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M. F. Kayser

1854                College Street, over Myers & McGill’s new store, Nashville, Tennessee.

M. F. Kayser was recorded in an advertisement that ran from March 10 to April 7, 1854 in the Nashville Union and American (Nashville, Tennessee). Daguerreotype Miniatures.—The undersigned would respectfully announce to the citizens of Nashville and the public generally that he has taken rooms over Myers & McGill’s new Store, S. W. corner of the Square, for the purpose of taking Daguerreotype Miniatures.  He respectfully asks for a share of public patronage, and hopes by close attention to business to please all.  He may be found at his rooms at all hours of the day.  Entrance on College street, 1st door from the Square.  M. F. Kayser, Artist.

M. F. Kayser is not recorded in other photographic directories.