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Louis J. Bossieux

Louis J. Bossieux was recorded on September 9, 1854 in an advertisement in The Daily Dispatch  (Richmond, Virginia.)  Wanted—To sell a Daguerrean Apparatus complete, with chemicals and stock.  It will be sold low and on a credit of six months.  Should a person purchase it ignorant of the art, they will be instructed.  Apply to Louis J. Bossieux.

Many question surround this entry for Bossieux.  Was he a dealer in Daguerrean equipment?  Did he somehow acquire the camera?  Or the probable scenario was that he a daguerreotypist selling his equipment and getting out of the business?  At this point this is pure speculation on my part.  There are no listing for Bossieux other photographic directories that I have checked, nor is he listed in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry.