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Weiser & Johnston

1849                Rooms on Market Street, over C. L. Jones’ New Store, Lewistown, Pennsylvania.

Weiser & Johnston were recorded in one announcement and one advertisement in the Lewistown Gazette (Lewistown, Pennsylvania).  The announcement appeared on June 30, 1849.  Messrs. Weiser & Johnston have opened a Daguerreotype establishment in the room over C. L. Jones’ new store, where they exhibit and take beautiful specimens of that art.  Thosde we have seen are certainly as perfect as any heretofore brought to our notice.  Give them a call.

The advertisement ran from June 30 to July 14, 1849. Miniatures For Only $1.50.  Weiser & Johnston, Daguerreotype Artist, Would respectfully inform the Ladies and Gentlemen of Lewistown and vicinity, that they have taken rooms for a short time immediately over the Store of Mr. C. L. Jones, In Market Street, and are prepared to execute Daguerreotype Likenesses in a style superior to any heretofore taken in Lewistown.

Then give us a call—our prices are low; Our work, it is perfect, as specimens show; The Sun is our pencil, with rev’rence we say, Your miniature made by the bright King of day.

Call soon.  Remember that delays are dangerous.

Instruction given in the art with all the late improvements, and apparatus furnished on reasonable terms.                             

Weiser & Johnson are not recorded in other photographic directories.  Looking through other photographic directories it is possible that Johnston is Charles M. Johnston who was active in Lancaster, Pa.  (speculation on my part, no collaborating documentation has been found to substantiate this claim.)  


1852                Rooms above Mr. Allen’s Book Store, Lewistown, Pennsylvania.

Gayford of the partnership was recorded in an advertisement that ran from April 9 to 30, 1852 in the Lewistown Gazette (Lewistown, Pennsylvania).  The Ladies and Gentlemen Of Lewistown and vicinity are respectfully informed that the National Daguerreotype Gallery is now open in rooms above Mr. Allen’s Book Store, where Gayford & Manington are prepared, with the latest and best style of stock, to execute orders in a manner not to be surpassed for style, execution or moderate price.

Likeness for $1.00, and Case Complete.  Old Pictures taken, 50 cents.  No picture need be paid for unless approved of.  Please call and examine specimens, & c.

Gayford and Manington are not recorded in other photographic directories.

Mr. Dewey

1850                Gallery on Market Street, over Mr. Allen’s Drug Store, Lewistown, Pennsylvania.

Mr. Dewey is first recorded in an announcement on October 18, 1850 in the Lewistown Gazette (Lewistown, Pennsylvania).  Mr. Dewey has taken rooms above Mr. Allen’s drug store, where he is prepared to take Daguerreotype Likenesses in the most beautiful style, at very low rates.

He is next recorded in an advertisement that ran on October 18, 1850 in the Lewistown Gazette (Lewistown, Pennsylvania).  Jenny Lind, Or Her Daguerreotype From Life, Can be seen by calling at Dewey Gallery, over Mr. Allen’s Drug Store, Market street, and while there you can get a good Daguerreotype of yourself for $1.50, and warranted no counterfeit.

Call and see Jenny and our specimens, as we will remain but a few days.  Hours from 8 to 5.

Mr. Dewey is not listed in other photographic directories as being active in Lewistown, Pennsylvania, a B. F. Dewey is listed in 1849 in Bellefonte which is about 30 miles away it is possible that they are the same person.

George H. Auxer

George H. Auxer was listed in an announcement on July 12, 1850 in the Lewistown Gazette, published in Lewistown, Pennsylvania.  Mr. G. H. Auxer, a daguerreotypist of high repute, has opened a gallery in Market street, above J. Evans’ chair factory, where he will be prepared to take likenesses in the highest style of the art.

On July 19th in the same paper the following advertisement appears…Daguerreotypes. The undersigned respectfully informs the public that he has taken the room over Mr. John Evans’ Chair Manufactory, where he is prepared to make Daguerreotype Likenesses in the highest style of the art.  He has possessed himself of all the improvements in the art, and is prepared to give as finished and perfect a picture as can be produced in the cities.  Light eyes have heretofore been an obstacle in the way of securing good pictures, but this he is able to obviate.  Call at his rooms and examine the specimens, and judge for yourselves.  Instructions given in the art, on reasonable terms.  Advertisement ran until August 2, 1850.

On January 8 1857 he is again reported in the Lewistown Gazette.  This time they quote the Perry Freeman newspaper which was published in Bloomfield, Pennsylvania “Auxer is nit taking dog-types but ambrotypes…”

Craig’s Daguerreian Registry list Auxer in 1850-1851 Chambersburg, Pennsylvania and in 1859-1860 on Elbow Lane near Front Street, Marietta, Pennsylvania.