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M. L. Lemily

1859                Address Unknown, Kortright, New York.

M. L. Lemily was recorded in an announcement that appeared on March 24, 1859 in Delaware Gazette (Delhi, New York). Delaware County Agricultural Society. Premium List—1859…Class L—No. 3—Discretionary…

Best ambrotypes, Jones & Ferguson, Kortright,        $1                                                                          2d best, M. L. Lemily, Kortright,                                        .75                                                                            3d best, O’Conner & Atkins,                                                .50

M. L. Lemily is not listed in other photographic directories.

Jones & Ferguson

Jones was recorded as part of the partnership of Jones & Ferguson on  September 28, 1859 in an announcement in the Delaware Gazette (Delhi, New York).  Delaware County Agricultural Society.  Premium List—1859…Class L—No. 3—Discretionary.

Best ambrotypes, Jones & Ferguson, Kortright…… $1.                                                                            2d best, M. L. Lemily, Kortright……………………….75.                                                                                 3d best, O’Conner & Atkins, [unknown]…………..50.

Jones is not listed in other photographic directories.


From the March 24, 1859 issue of the Delaware Gazette, published in Delhi, New York.   A list of the premiums awarded at the Delaware County Agricultural Society for—1859…Class L—No. 3—Discretionary.  O’Conner & Atkins received the third best award.  At this time nothing else is known about them, Jones & Ferguson and M. L. Lemily were both from Kortright, N. Y. but no location was given for O’Conner & Atkins.  It’s possible they were from Delhi, N. Y. but there is no proof of that at this time.

For the best ambrotypes,

  • Jones & Ferguson, Kortright,                  $1.00
  • 2d best, M. L. Lemily, Kortright,                  .75
  • 3d best, O’Conner & Atkins,                         .50