From the March 24, 1859 issue of the Delaware Gazette, published in Delhi, New York.   A list of the premiums awarded at the Delaware County Agricultural Society for—1859…Class L—No. 3—Discretionary.  O’Conner & Atkins received the third best award.  At this time nothing else is known about them, Jones & Ferguson and M. L. Lemily were both from Kortright, N. Y. but no location was given for O’Conner & Atkins.  It’s possible they were from Delhi, N. Y. but there is no proof of that at this time.

For the best ambrotypes,

  • Jones & Ferguson, Kortright,                  $1.00
  • 2d best, M. L. Lemily, Kortright,                  .75
  • 3d best, O’Conner & Atkins,                         .50

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