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James Welch

1856                On the Public Square, Savannah, Ohio.

James Welch appeared in one announcement in The Ashland Union (Ashland, Ashland County, Ohio) on September, 1856.  Great Democratic Rally—Boarder Ruffianism Triumphant……“Buck and Breck, Constitution and Union,” was the significant motto flung to the breeze, and they gave a pure Buchanier demonstration of their devotion to the Constitution and its guarantees of inalienable rights in a base and ruffianly attack upon the property of an individual for the exercise of his right of free thought.  The Daguerreotype Car of Mr. James Welch has occupied a place upon the public square a sufficient length of time to give it a “local habitation and a name.”  It was asked as a privilege by the Democracy, that they might be allowed to erect their platform upon the shady side of said car.  The privilege was courteously granted, but in doing so he surrendered no right to act with his own property as he saw fit.  He chose therefore to hang out a Republican flag through the sky-light of his car; the moment that this was done the ruffian spirit was predominant;…..

James Welch is not recorded in other photographic directories.