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Turck & Elting

1854-1855       57 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, New York.

Truck & Elting (J. Turck & A. Elting) were recorded in two advertisements and one poem in The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York).  The first advertisement ran from December 7, 1854 to January 6, 1855.  Holiday Presents.—Daguerreotypes.—57 Fulton street, Brooklyn, opposite Hicks st., where the subscribers are prepared to execute likenesses of a superior tone and finish in all the variety of styles for Holiday Presents at low prices.  Having a large assortment of fancy cases, the[y] flatter themselves that they can please all who may favor them with a call.

Their Daguerreotypes are not to be excelled by any others in this city or New York.  J. Turck, A. Elting.                

The poem ran on December 22, 1854.  Santa Claus; Or, A Directory For The Holidays….


When the friends we loved in another day

Are keeping the holidays far away,

And we, though longing, cannot be there,

The pleasures and festive joys to share,

What else can such enchantment lend

As the likeness of an absent friend?

A daguerreotype any taste to suit,

Such as Elting & Turck can execute.

The second advertisement ran from February 9 to May 14, 1855.  Turck & Elting’s Daguerreotype Rooms. 57 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, opposite Hicks st., where we intend offering to the citizens of Brooklyn, and all who may favor us with a call, Daguerreotypes equal to any taken in this city or New York, at the low price of Fifty Cents—including case.

We possess advantages, that few can boast of—our rooms are easy of access, we have a large and beautiful Sky Light, which is admitted to be the best in this city; this, together with twelve years experience in the Daguerreotype business, will be sufficient inducement to all those in want of a pleasing, soft toned, life like and unfading picture to give us a call.

Pictures of Adults take[n] in cloudy as well as clear weather.  J. Turck.  A. Elting.       

Turck & Elting (J. Turck & A. Elting) are not recorded in other photographic directories.  Craig’s Daguerreian Registry does list a Jeremiah Turck, possibly in Hudson, New York in 1850 recorded as J. Surck and in Troy New York in 1851-1852 as Turck & Forshew and again in Troy in 1857-1858.  It is possibly that they are the same person based on the time line.

Francis Forshew

1850-1851          233 Warren Street, Hudson, New York.

Francis Forshew part of the partnership of Turck & Forshew appeared in an advertisement that ran from December 5, 1850 to April 3, 1851 in The Columbia Washingtonian (Hudson, New York).  Sky-Light Daguerreotype Gallery. At 233 Warren street, Hudson, few doors below Rogers’ Hotel, awarded the first Premium at the Columbia County Fair of 1850.

Turck & Forshew, Artists, From Their long experience in the Daguerreotype business, and the late improvements and facilities they possess, can assure the public that their pictures are superior to all others taken in this section of the country and equal to any in the world.  Their pictures excel in richness of tone and transparency of shade, in which most of the Daguerreotypes taken by others are deficient.

They endeavor by the good quality of their pictures and the low prices to induce their customers to continue that patronage so liberally bestowed heretofore.

Having recently made improvements by which the time of sitting is reduced from one half to three fourths of the usual time, which entirely obviates the difficulty of taking children, and making it perfectly easy for all, and also giving a superior tone and finish to the picture.

Instructions given in the art, and all kinds of Daguerreotype Stock, and chemicals, kept constantly on hand and for sale.  J. Turck, F Forshew.      Nov. 1, ’50.