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H. Baumgardner

1856                Column Building, Wooster, Ohio.

H. Baumgardner appeared in two advertisements on September 4, 1856 in the Holmes County Republican (Millersburg, Ohio).  J. H. Baumgardner & Co., Wooster, O., Wholesale And Retail Dealers in Drugs, Books, Groceries, Daguerreotype & Ambrotype Stock, Wood And Willow Ware, Fancy Goods, and Everything else.  Also Book Binders, And Manufacturers of Melodeons, Gilt Frames, &c.  Wooster, Sept. 1, 1856.

The second advertisement also appeared on September 4, 1856.  Daguerreian & Ambrotype Materials—Including Instruments, Apparatus, Cases Chemicals, and everything used by Artists, will be found at the Column Building.  Our stock is as large as any in the State, and prices will average lower.—Orders are respectfully solicited, and satisfaction warranted.  Terms cash.  J. H. Baumgardner & Co.  Wooster, Sept. 1, 1856.

H. Baumgardner is not recorded in other photographic directories.