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G. Weaver

1858-1859       Room in the Post Office Building, Sunbury, Pennsylvania.

G. Weaver appeared in six announcements in the Sunbury American (Sunbury, Pennsylvania).  The first announcement appeared on September 11, 1858.  Ambrotypes.—We are requested to say that Mr. Weaver, will remain but a few days longer in this place.  Persons who are desirous of procuring ambrotypes at his very low prices, are requested to call at his room over the Post Office, without delay.

The second appeared on 23, 1858.  We understand that Mr. G. Weaver, intends reopening his ambrotype Gallery in the Post Office building in a few days.

The third on October 30, 1858.  Life-like Ambrotypes taken in the Post Office building for 50 cents.

Fourth on April 9, 1859.  Life-like pictures taken in the Post Office building for 50 cents.

Fifth on April 23, 1859.  We understand that Mr. Weaver, will remain in this place but one week longer, those of our readers in want of life-like pictures of themselves for 37½ cents case included, will do well to give him a call.

Sixth on April 30, 1859.  For a few days longer ambrotypes will be taken for 37½ cents in the post office building.

G. Weaver is not recorded in other photographic directories.