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Edward G. Taylor

1854                16 Spruce Street, New York, New York.

Edward G. Taylor was recorded in one announcement in The Evening Post (New York, New York) on March 6, 1854.  Great Fire In Spruce Street.—Four Buildings Destroyed—Yesterday (Sunday) morning, about half past two o’clock, a fire was discovered in a five story brick building at No. 8 Spruce street…the fire soon extended to the adjoining store, No. 10, the basement of which was occupied by Mr. Spinney, dealer in rags.  The first floor by Benedict & Cunningham as a paper warehouse.  Second floor as the publication office of the Independent.  Third floor in part by T. C. Janes, importer of book binders’ leather.  The remaining portion of the third floors, together with the whole of the fifth floor, also the first and second stories of No. 16, were occupied by S. W. Bendict, printer.  The fourth floor was occupied by Edward G. Taylor, book binder and daguerreotype case manufacturer…

Edward G. Taylor is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in 1851 to 1853 at 128 Fulton and 89 Nassau.  Further research indicates that he is not listed in the following New York City directories 1854/55; 1855/56; 1856/57 but, in the 1857/58 directory he is listed as a Bookbinder at 15 Nassau Street.

William P. Swain

1845                23 East Fourth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.

William P. Swain was recorded in one advertisement that ran on August 7 & 14, 1845.  Morocco Case Manufactory.  The subscriber has taken the stand at No. 23 East Fourth street, Cincinnati, lately occupied by Mr. J. A. Kimball, where he will manufacture to order, Surgical, Dental, Jewelry and Daguerreotype Miniature Cases, of the very best style and quality, and at the lowest eastern prices.

Miniature Cases of all sizes constantly on hand and for sale, wholesale and retail.

Orders from the country respectfully solicited and promptly attended to.

William P. Swain is not recorded in other photographic directories.

Simons & Collins

c. 1845               Address Unknown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Simons & Collins (Montgomery Pike Simons & Thomas P. Collins) was mentioned in one advertisement that ran from July 4, 1846 to September 25, 1847 in the Sunbury American and Shamokin Journal (Sunbury, Pennsylvania).  Silver Medal, Awarded By The Franklin Institute, 1845.  City Daguerreotype Establishment.  T. P. Collins, (Late Simons & Collins.)  No. 100 Chestnut st., above Third, South side, Philadelphia.

Miniatures taken equally as well in cloud as in clear weather.  A dark silk dress for a lady, and a black suit for a gentleman, are preferable in sitting for a picture.  No extra charge is made for coloring, and perfect likenesses are guaranteed. 

Simons & Collins are recorded in other photographic directories and publications as casemakers Philadelphia Photographers 1839-1900 reference  Collins & Simons as David C. Collins and M. P. Simons activity dates 1845-1846.  Craig’s Daguerreian Registry list Simons as a casemaker from 1844-1847, with no mention of the partnership.  Nineteenth-Century PhotographyAn Annotated Bibliography 1839-1879 list the partnership as being active in 1845.

Samuel Hart

1853                82 John Street, New York, New York.

Samuel Hart was recorded in an announcement that ran on March 20, 1853 in The New York Herald (New York, New York).  Mother O’Pearl Visiting Card Case, ground thin pearl for papier mache work, porte monnale sides, daguerreotype cases, and all kinds of mother o’pearl goods, manufactured to pattern, by the Philadelphia mother o’pearl works, and for sale at their depot in New York.  Samuel Hart & Co., 82 John street.

Samuel Hart is not recorded in other photographic directories.