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A. Q. Brauns

1850                247 Broadway, New York, New York.

A. Q. Brauns was listed in one announcement and seven advertisements in the New York Daily Tribune (New York, New York) between November 8 and December 17, 1850. In order to discuss Brauns we need to first look into the history of the Langenheim Brothers in New York between 1845 through 1850.

Langenheim & Beckers, 201 Broadway have been recorded in four different newspapers with a total of five advertisements from April 7, 1845 to April 27, 1847.  The next appearance of Langenheim in N.Y.C. is in the firm of Hite, Langenheim & Fanshaw at 247 Broadway they appeared in two advertisements July 16 and August 29, 1850.  On September 27 through October 10, 1850 five advertisements appear in the New York Tribune signed Langenheim & Co., National Miniature Gallery.  On October 23, 1850 the advertisement is only recorded as National Miniature Gallery.  The majority of the seven advertisements and the announcement identify Brauns as A. Q.  accept for the first one which identifies him as A. J. Brauns.  In Craig’s Daguerreian Registry he identifies him as A. D. Brauns and being active in 1851 at 247 Broadway, John makes the note that this was Anthony’s address. In fact if you use the newspaper advertisements and notices/articles Anthony was at 247 Broadway from 1843 through 1847 and at 205 Broadway from 1848 to 1851. In 1852 through 1856 at 308 Broadway.

Note that the advertisements for Hite, Langenheim & Fanshaw; Langenheim & Co., National Miniature Gallery; National Miniature Gallery; and A. Q. Brauns are very similar in content they all advertise Talbotypes, or Likenesses on Ivory-paper.  an example of the first advertisement which appeared on November 8, 1850 follows.  Fine Arts.—Talbotypes, or Likenesses on Ivory-paper.  The great advantage of these new pictures gain for them greater popularity every day.  These Likenesses are made of all sizes, up to the size of life.  Valuable Daguerreotypes of deceased persons copied in any size on Ivory paper and finished equal to the best paintings.  The public are invited to examine specimens at No. 247 Broadway.  A. J. Brauns, (late Langenheim & Co.)

The announce which appeared on November 19, 1850.  Fine Arts.—We call the attention of the art-loving public to the new Talbotype Portraits of the establishment of Mr. A. Q. Brauns, (late Langenheim & Co.) 247 Broadway, which seems to combine the exact likeness of the photograph with all the expressive effect of the oil or miniature painting.  The process by which the Talbotypes (as these pictures are named after their inventor,) are taken accuracy of outline, proper gradation of light and shadow, with a graceful and easy position; while the talented workmanship of eminent artists gives to these pictures the characteristic expression so much admired in the productions of the best masters in portraiture.  No small advantage is, that this process obviates the necessity of those tedious sittings required by artists that draw by the eye; one or two sittings, of a few minutes’ duration each being all that is required.  We would advise the public to examine the fine collection of specimens that Mr. Brauns has at his rooms, which will repay the trouble of visiting them.  We also call attention to the advertisement in another column of our paper.

A. Q. Brauns does not appear in the Directory of Pennsylvania Photographers 1839-1900.  It is unknown if Brauns connection with Langenheim extends to the partnership of Hite, Langenheim & Fanshaw or to the Langenheim Brothers studio in Philadelphia.