J. Ward

1847-1848       Nearly opposite the Franklin Hotel, Lynchburg, Virginia.

J. Ward was recorded in two advertisements in the Lynchburg Republican (Lynchburg, Virginia).  The first advertisement was recorded on November 15, 1847.  Daguerreotyping.  The subscriber having taken the rooms recently occupied by Mr. Gibbs as a Daguerrean Gallery, is prepared to take Photographic miniatures upon a plan embracing all the latest improvement in this beautiful art.  Miniatures taken in clear or cloudy weather, and warranted a fac-simile of the original.  Ladies and Gentlemen are respectfully invited to call and examine specimens.  He will keep constantly on hand a supply of celebrated [Quick], and all other materials used in the art, which he will furnish to those wanting, on liberal terms.  Instructions given at reduced prices.  J. Ward.  August 12.

The second advertisement was recorded four times between May 3 to June 17, 1848.  Miniatures.  The subscriber having recently repaired his rooms, so as to make them more comfortable in every respect, will be ready on the 1st of March to give all those desiring it, an exact copy of themselves or friends.  Having received new materials altogether, he will be better prepared than heretofore to execute with neatness  dispatch, anything in his line.

Galvanizing done in the best style and on reasonable terms.  J. Ward.  Feb. 24.

J. Ward is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Lynchburg, Virginia.

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